Turning Traffic into Business

At Amay Digital we are experts at offering a wide range of digital marketing options for your healthcare business,allowing it to grow and utilize your services to their maximum potential. Getting traffic sent to your site is an important part of this continued growth. However this is only half of the battle, people entering your website will give your businesses services some exposure, but what if this website traffic isn’t taking that next step and converting with you? 

Anyone can build a site, but the real goal (and that’s where Amay Digital steps in) is making sure that potential patients for your business are prepared to take the step and use your services , whether it’s through sign ups, leads or with and direct communication regarding your services.

If your site is set up and constructed in the right way, it will encourage potential clients to select your calls to action and begin forming ongoing relationships with you. The lower the “bounce rate” (people coming on and leaving your site) ,the higher the chance of people coming on and using your services. Whether that be booking an appointment, consultation or tratment, the main aim of your website is to ensure your business and website is ready for this. We can ensure your site is ready, fully optimized and ready to convert visits into business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

“Conversion Rate Optimization” in its basic form is ensuring your site converts its traffic into valuable business. Its main role is to ensure the percentage of people entering your site takes action allowing you to spend less money on driving traffic to your site but ultimately receiving more money from your website. Your site is actually your greatest salesperson,it is always there,never takes time off,or takes holiday so having it perform at its optimum cannot be underestimated.

Conversion rate is calculated from the amount of visits you have to your site compared with the actual number that interacts or buys from it. For example ten people buying your product from 1000 visits,would give you a conversion rate of 1%. The aim of conversion rate optimization is to gain you more customer interaction,meaning you can convert 2,3 or 4 percent of your traffic into sales or leads,leading to increased success.

Key Conversion Rate Optimization Hints and Tips

  • Be aware of how your competitors site looks? How does your site compare to your rivals,would you choose your own site over theirs? Because if the answer is “No” you could well be losing customers.
  • It’s a fact that cluttered overworked sites compare unfavourably with well designed sites that are easy to manoeuvre around with and that have straightforward conversion funnel conversion process .Keep it nice and simple so navigation around your products and services makes browsing easier. Creating that perfect user journey cannot be underestimated.
  • Ensure your site is well respected and well trusted.Having trust badges and positive reviews of your site is a must. Reviews that highlight your companies business over the years and show trusted relationships you’ve built up with your clientele will go a long way towards ensuring  relationships and keep people coming back to your site
  • Test and Check that your site is mobile compatible. Nowadays having a site that is mobile phone friendly is a must. How often do people shop  and surf on their phones nowadays,probably a huge percentage,so not having a mobile friendly site will have your conversion levels at a massive disadvantage.
  • Multi Channel Retargeting is a fantastic way of getting your companies name out on a variety of streams (for example google,facebook and Instagram) Most customers are in search mode when they are first looking at your site. So seeing your business in a variety of streams will ensure you are in the forefront of their minds when they are actually looking to buy or use your service.

Let Amay Digital take the strain

We all live in a busy world today when time is of the essence,so at Amay Digital we can do the hard work for you. Ensuring that your user experience is perfectly constructed to allow your company to grow and thrive. Let our expertise push your conversion rates skywards. 

We will constantly test all and monitor all areas of your site,looking closely at bounce rates (how quickly people leave your site) ensuring that visits to your site has the best chance of action being taken by the visitor, we will work out exactly which areas are letting you down from site construction to advert copy,ensuring your site that is fully optimized for conversion,making your website work harder for your business and brand.