You’ve built your website, its been online for the last 6 months and nothing. Not one single enquiry or sale. You’ve done all the SEO on it and spent money on PPC but still nothing. Have you had a look at Google Analytics, have you even installed it on there? Most businesses tend to not study the goings on their websites. They build them and then almost hope for the best. They add some basic digital marketing strategies but again hope that will do.


Its important to analyse what users are doing on your website. Hows its performing. How you can get the most out of the website. What visitors are doing on the website. Why isn’t your website converting, look at the stats.

This is where we come in. We look at the stats on your website and make optimisations or recommendations based on this. We understand what you are trying to achieve from it and make optimisations to drive these actions on your website.

What are you waiting for, don’t let your website rot in the online world, let us help you achieve your website goals! There is a reason you built it in the first place!

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