Content is king. But when it comes to content creation for SEO in the Midlands, how much does your healthcare organisation need to produce? Read on to uncover all.

Content is everywhere. According to the latest research, 98% of marketers use written content as part of their content marketing strategy, and 60% of businesses claim to produce content every day. But is quantity better than quality? Absolutely not.

In this article, we explain how much content you need to produce to supersede other healthcare organisations in the Birmingham area without compromising on quality.

How do I identify the right content to write?

Identifying the type of content to write starts first with knowing your consumer. Instead of creating content purely on what your brand wants to say, you should think of what the consumer wants to hear.

You can achieve this by asking a few initial questions, such as:  

  • Who is the content aimed at, and why?
  • Are you trying to inform or influence behaviour?
  • What demographic are you appealing to, and what content would they find valuable?

So, think about the consumers and channel what you want to say with what they want to hear.

Understanding your target demographic can be initiated by conducting consumer research, reading online forums, and analysing reviews. Quality content relies on understanding your patients and communicating with the appropriate language and tone.

As you’re aware, the highest levels of professionalism are expected as a standard in the healthcare and medical industry. This principle applies to the language of your writing and any other forms of content across all modes of communication, information, imagery, and design.

Once you have identified your target audience, it’s time to establish a content creation strategy. All successful content marketing campaigns begin with a strategy that helps:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Establish though-leadership
  • Connect digital marketing channels

A strategy will also align your content creators with your healthcare business mission, vision, and message. It takes committing to a process of planning, producing, and refining content across all channels to remain consistent and credible.

How do I know what content is required?

The required content depends on your business and online platforms. Your business goals and patient relations impact the type of content you should be producing:

  • Do you communicate with patients through social media?
  • Are you responsible for regularly providing news and updates?
  • Are you considered a specialist in your industry? 

All these factors will contribute to your content requirements. Meeting the demand of the present should combine with your healthcare brand of the future.

Website content

Your website represents the home for your content and sets the standard for all other content produced. This includes the style, tone-of-voice (TOV), and language. Patients can access your website to learn about treatment options, identify health issues and discover more about your business.

We recommend that you build your content creation from your website to create consistency across all other channels. If successful, you can increase brand awareness by providing patients with valuable information.

Social media content

The healthcare industry is now expected to operate across social media. And it’s hardly surprising when 90% of millennials trust medical information shared on social media, and 60% of doctors claim social media has improved the quality of care delivered to patients. 

You can use social media to harness healthier relations with your patients while remaining a reliable source of information.

People everywhere seek reassurance with their health-related queries, which you can solve quickly through social media interaction. It’s believed that 40% of young people use support groups on social media platforms to connect with other patients with similar symptoms.

The content creation process is also an opportunity to:

  • Market your services and products
  • Expose health concerns
  • Share news and updates
  • Run promotional offers
  • Showcase webinars
  • Publish medical journals

Using social media content to connect with patients and other healthcare professionals is vital for establishing your healthcare brand in the digital world.

PPC Content

Paying for advertisements through a PPC strategy can also be a route you choose for your healthcare business to gain greater visibility. PPC can help increase the number of appointments by helping you:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Find new patients
  • Promote new deals, events, and products

Using PPC content guarantees visibility by placing your brand top of search engine results, but it costs money each time a user clicks on the ad. Combining paid advertisements with organic content is a way your healthcare business can establish more authority online. 

Content marketing

Creating valuable content appealing to your patients can help drive organic traffic to your website. To feed your creation for content marketing purposes, you should conduct SEO research to find keyword opportunities relevant to your consumer searches.

Forms of content marketing include the following:

  • Blogs and articles
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Email marketing
  • E-books and lead magnets

Repurposing content such as testimonials and reviews can enrich your content with valuable insights and information.

How much content does my healthcare business need?

Producing original content takes time while outsourcing costs money. So whatever amount you can manage depends on your time, budget, and resources.

We’d always recommend delivering quality content over quantity, ensuring all content upholds professional writing standards. Here are a few suggestions to give you a rough indication:

Social media

  • Twitter – Post daily, plus any reactive posts to breaking news and enquiries.
  • Facebook/LinkedIn – Post two/three times a week.

Content marketing

  • Blogs/Podcasts – Publish one or two a month (minimum).
  • Email marketing – Send a newsletter and informative/update emails at least once a month. 

Website content

  • Updating existing web pages – At least once a month.
  • Building new pages – 1-2 per month.


  • A single PPC campaign – Run over three months with daily monitoring.

How many words do I need to create within my content pieces?

Keeping content concise and clear is how you meet the ideal user experience. However, depending on the style, platform, and purpose, the word count will differ accordingly.

Blog – 1000/2000 words

A healthcare blog aims to inform your reader with in-depth research while appealing to keyword opportunities. For this purpose, you should aim for around 1000 words with room to expand if necessary.

Social media posts – 100-200 words

Due to the audience demographic, social media posts should aim to be as concise as possible. Keep it contained and restricted to necessary words only. However, the length depends on the platform.

For instance, an Instagram post could be one line, whereas a LinkedIn or Facebook post may need to be 2-3 short paragraphs.

What role does SEO play for my healthcare business in Birmingham?

SEO is a vital marketing strategy designed to drive organic traffic to your website and generate brand awareness. [Link to SEO healthcare blog] By utilising SEO techniques across on-site, technical, content, and off-site SEO, your business will begin to appear higher in search engine results.

In healthcare, SEO is crucial to establishing your business location. Applying keywords relating to your business and its address will help you appeal to the right consumer. You should always consider SEO best practices in all forms of content, especially website pages and blogs.

User experience also plays a key role with SEO, so ensure your website is professionally designed and mobile optimised, with fast loading times and easy navigation.

Hire specialist content creators for your healthcare business 

Producing content requires creativity, energy, and resources. In the healthcare industry, quality content depends on delivering professionalism and consistency across all channels.

At Amay Digital, we’ve proudly provided various healthcare brands throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands with content creation services. Our industry experience in delivering a brand message consistently while appealing to high-performing leads is why we’re a trusted producer of content within the healthcare market.

For more information on how we can enhance your business with quality content, get in touch.