Pay Per Click Dental Practices Birmingham

Every day, potential patients are searching for your services. The question is, are they finding you?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) helps drive online users to your website with the goal of increasing desired actions for your dental surgery.

Our PPC experts are Google Ads certified and professionals in helping dental surgeries with digital marketing. Our goal is to take the weight and uncertainty away from you and form a mutually beneficial long term partnership.

So, if you’re looking to generate leads and build your online presence, get in touch with our leading digital dental agency today.

Smarter Search

We'll choose specific keywords most relevant to your dentist practice. Target potential dental clients with the highest level of registration intent. This approach helps attract more clients and form successful campaigns.

Display Ads

Create ads using branded graphics that capture the attention of highly engaged new potential patients. Whether that's using video or images, our digital dental agency will create effective image ads and banners.


Reconnect with potential patients who have visited your practice's website with targeted remarketing ads. Our PPC experts will create compelling image or text ads that remind visitors of your services and get them taking action.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads are a proven way to generate leads for dentists. Promote your dental products to higher quality leads and give them a better overview of the key features. With the right expert support, you can even multiply click-through rates.

What is ppc?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It’s a method of advertising online through channels such as Google Ads or Bing Ads by creating ads and bidding on words/phrases relevant to your business.

Users who click the ads will be sent to your website. 

With PPC, you only pay for the clicks you receive on the ads created, hence the phrase “Pay-Per-Click”. Even if your Ad is seen, you only pay if somebody clicks on it. PPC is a very effective advertising method because you advertise using terms relevant to your business or service.

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Our PPC Steps

1. First, our digital dental agency listens, learns and gets to grips with your dental practice. We want to understand what you’ve done and how we can help.

2. We analyse your competitors to see where you are in your market and what advertising works for others.

3. We work with you to understand your budget and establish your goals. For example, how many more patients do you want to attract?

4. We’ll tell you what we can do for you and put a package together to suit your needs. However, if we think PPC isn’t the right choice for your dental practice, we’ll tell you straight. We’re here to help you generate an ROI, not pull the wool over your eyes. 

5. Once you give us the go-ahead, we go away and build your PPC campaigns and start getting your results based on the agreed objectives.

6. You’ll get access to a live reporting dashboard, so you’re always in the loop of what’s going on.

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Why Choose us?

With over 10 years of experience, we’ll listen to your current pains and find solutions for your objectives. It’s as simple as that.

Our digital dental agency will never push a service you don’t need. We pick the right channel for you, and if PPC is that channel, we make it work hard for your business.

Whether you want to spend £150 or £1,500 a month, we can build successful campaigns that work for your business.

We’ll produce a live dashboard for you to access your company’s stats anytime, anywhere. It’s the ultimate peace of mind. We also arrange meetings via video, phone, or face to face either fortnightly or monthly to report on your account. These regular catch-ups are vital in ensuring you’re happy with the service and get the best ROI for you.

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Affordable PPC Pricing

Starter Package

Ideal for small dental practices trying PPC for the first time
  • Free Audit
  • One Campaign
  • Up to 3 Adgroups
  • Up to £300 per month Ad Spend

Advanced Package

Ideal for dental practices who have tried PPC in the past
  • Free Audit
  • Up to 3 campaigns
  • Up to 5 Adgroup per campaign
  • £300 - £1000 per month Ad Spend

Bespoke Package

Ideal for businesses looking to build an account with large budgets
  • Free Audit
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Ad Groups
  • Up to £10,000 per month Ad Spend

Frequently Asked Questions?

The cost of PPC depends on your budget and the value of your keywords with Google/Bing. We work with you to determine your budget and what we think it will cost you to advertise. You pay your advertising costs directly to Google through the account. We then invoice our set fee separately, which start from £149 per month. We also determine what your competitors are doing and what it costs to advertise on the chosen keywords.

As soon as PPC is switched on, it can have an immediate impact. Depending on your objective, whether that’s generating sales, leads or footfall, this can be immediate. However, sometimes an account will need optimising before seeing any results. We are always confident in helping our clients reach their goals.

Many patients will be using Google to search for your dental services or products. So, PPC should always be considered.

However, PPC may not always be the right option. Our digital dental agency will help you decide this.  Before accepting any work, we’ll look at your website and conduct competitor research. We’ll then provide you with honest advice. If we do recommend PPC, then its a matter of understanding your objectives and what ROI can be achieved. 

Keywords and phrases are the terms you want to be found for online. For example, if you offer teeth whitening services in the Midlands, a phrase we could advertise on could be “teeth whitening in Birmingham”. So, if someone searches for this in Google, we would have our ad showing at the top of page 1, providing we outbid other companies using the same keyword. Some keywords/phrases also have high-value costs. It all depends on how competitive the term is. Again, we will gather this information for you in our initial audit.

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    We employed Amay Digital to promote our new dental practice, and its a decision we look back on with pride. They instantly started to get us new patients and worked to our budget as a start up. Highly recommended!

    H. Mall

    Dental Practice Coventry

    Produced a fantastic website for us and then helped us market the website, to generate leads for us on a regular basis. We know as long as Amay Digital look after our digital marketing the leads will continue to roll in


    Dental Manager

    I was always apprehensive about Google Ads, but Amay Digital knew exactly how to handle our relationship and got me what I required, new leads. I truly got to understand the power of Google Advertising.

    Joseph Parket

    Dental Practice Manager