We’ve created an SEO “basics” guide to provide you with a general understanding of SEO and how it functions. While also providing you with some hints and simple tips on how you can improve your companies/websites online presence using tried and tested SEO techniques.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the process of optimising your website so that your clients/customers are easily able to find your business/website when using a search engine. SEO helps your business/service rank for keywords/phrases concerning your field. So, when potential customers search using Google, if the search term is relevant to your business, and if you have correctly optimised your website, then your company has a better chance of being found organically (placed in the unpaid listings).

How does SEO work?

Search engines (mainly Google), crawl (or search) your website and look at various aspects of it, checking it has the right elements within it search results when users use search terms in relation to which services your site provides. 

One of the main things that search engines look at is the content on your site. They ask the question: is the content on your website related to what a person has searched for using a search engine? The main task of SEO is the optimisation side. Optimisation could potentially include many area :

· Meta titles

· Met descriptions

· Alt tags

· Body content

· Title tags

A variety of things need to be taken into consideration to get the maximum from SEO, ensuring each area is the right length, has the correct content and can  be read in the right way,so they are search engine friendly, allowing users to easily click onto the link.

It’s believed that Google uses up to 200 different ranking factors (and these factors are constantly changing) however it’s vital to get the right type of optimisations done to get it ranking correctly and quickly for clients.

How to build an SEO friendly website

In the “user-friendly” age we live in it has become increasingly easy to build a website from scratch using systems such as Wixx and GoDaddy. 

However, building your website is one thing, getting it found by your target audience is quite another. You need to optimize your website in the right way so that it can be easily found. One of the easiest things that you can do is write the content for your website in the correct fashion,making it simple to understand, original, and engaging ensuring it captures your clients’ imagination.This is exactly what search engines (such as Google) are searching for, and technical jargon-filled content will have your site slipping down those rankings.

When building a site, ensure you carefully read through your content, making it simple but also informative and interesting. Get other people to read your content, do they understand what you are trying to get across? Your content should have objectives, what are you trying to achieve from it? What message are you trying to get across? and who is your content aimed at?

For more hints and tips and how you can improve your online presence get in touch with us directly at Amay Digital. SEO can become a complicated process with a long road to success, so why don’t you concentrate on building your business and let Amay Digital take care of your SEO.