A majority of people use the internet to search for a health-related topic. If a potential client decides to explore a particular type of health problem or specialist in their area, your healthcare practice must appear on page one of the search engine.

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Content Management

Relevant content plays a huge part in ranking with search engines - content for users is key.

Website Structure

Structure your site and setup the meta data correctly so users can find what they want.

Online Reputation

Google takes into consideration what other people share about about you online.

SEO can be complicated but we try and keep it simple

You may not think you need SEO but see some of our points below on why it’s important.

Generate more leads and sales for your business​

It simple . . . the more you are found by clients through search engines the higher chance you have of getting sales and leads for your business. SEO is an organic tool, people click on organic results when searching on search engines, if you’re not there then your won’t get the click, if you don’t get the click your don’t get the sale or lead.

Rise higher in search engine rankings and be found

It’s great if you’re ranking, but ranking on page 5 for a product you sell or a service you offer is pointless. Ask yourself, how often do you click past page 1 to find a website to match what you’re looking for. 80% of searches are done on page 1 of Google, where would you rather be, page 1 or page 5?

Outrank competitors for keywords that offer the similar services as you

You should be ranking for your name, because your name or brand is unique to you, there shouldn’t be anyone out there with your name in your industry, so you will rank for that. What you want to rank for is for what you do, this is more important and more competitive. This is what SEO is, getting you found for what you do or offer!

Affordable SEO Pricing Plans

Local SEO

Rank for your business locally within 10 miles of your location
  • Pay Monthly / No Contract
  • 5-10 keywords optimised
  • Google search console, Google Analytics set up
  • Monthly SEO reporting
  • Monthly meeting

National SEO

Rank for your business UK wide, get national keyword coverage
  • Pay Monthly/ No Contract
  • 10-15 keywords optimised
  • Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google My Business set up and optimisation
  • Monthly SEO Report and Meeting

Bespoke SEO

One off SEO consultancy or work for your business
  • For one off consultancy
  • Google Analytics, Google Search Console or Google My Business set up
  • SEO report or audit on current website
  • Content Writing for new or current website

Frequently Asked Questions?

SEO is a digital marketing skill that does take time to reap results, however that doesn’t rule out getting results quickly. It’s normally a long term strategy (depends on keyword competitiveness) and can take up 3-6 months to see an  impact, but can be much sooner for long-chain or local keywords.

In short the answer is no. Nothing is guaranteed with SEO however we are extremly confident that we can get you results. SEO results are dependant on search engines such as Google, but by doing SEO correctly and in the right way we have more chance of getting results.

SEO should in the main be done month to month to ensure you continually climb the rankings for keywords and phrases for your business. We do also offer one off SEO solutions if you needed to rewrite content on your site to make it more Search Engine friendly, however we do encourage you to continue with SEO month to month.

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