Organic social media is the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram – posting photos, updates, events, and engaging in conversations and comments. It’s good to have these opportunities to promote your page, but it shouldn’t be your only social strategy. Paid advertising on social media is a better way to reach the right people for your business.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the 3rd most visited website in the world behind only Google and YouTube. The UK has 35 million users for Facebook.Your audience is there to engaged with.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram known for its youthful audience, great for businesses wanting to target younger audiences. Over 500 million people currently use it.

Twitter Paid Advertising

88% of social advertisers use Twitter - you're able to target users based on your chosen demographics and the budgets you wish to set.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is sometimes known as the B2B Gold mine. If you want to target specifically businesses or professionals then LinkedIn is the channel for you.

How does paid advertising work?

Amay Digital can help you decide on the best platforms to use by understanding your business and what you want to achieve. 

We’ll then start building your ideal audiences within the platform – with paid advertising you’re able to drill down and target your ideal prospect based on what they fill out on their social media profile. For example, if you want to target female cat owners, aged between 18-25, living in Birmingham. You can do this through social.

Once the audience or audiences have been created, we then proceed to create the ads. We could create a single image ad, a video ad, a set of carousel image ads or even just a text ad for people to click through from. Again we work with you to decide.

Whether you want to generate leads or achieve sales on your website, this helps determine the type of ads to create.

Affordable Social Media Pricing Plans

Starter Package

Great for businesses looking to start paid social campaigns
  • Choose from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram
  • Up to 2 Campaigns
  • Strategy planning
  • Ad Creation
  • Direct Marketing and Audience Set Up
  • £100-£200 Ad Spend
  • Monthly Reporting

Advanced Package

Great for businesses looking to scale their paid social campaigns
  • Choose from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram
  • Up to 4 Campaigns
  • Strategy planning
  • Ad creation
  • Direct Marketing and Audience Set Up
  • £200-£500 Ad Spend
  • Re-targeting Campaigns
  • Monthly Reporting

Bespoke Package

For business who have have different requirements
  • Choose from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Advanced Strategy
  • Ad Creation
  • Direct Marketing and Multiple Audiences
  • Unlimited Ad Spend
  • Re-targeting Campaigns
  • Monthly Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions?

Paid social can be started within a matter hours. We need to create the assets which is the longest process, and then to get it switched on as soon as you press go live, then you can get your campaigns/adverts showing to your chosen audience.

Paid social isn’t always the best choice, (PPC may be more suitable) it all depends on what your objectives are. Amay Digital help you decide. We don’t just say yes paid social is right, we analyse and look into what you want to achieve.

Amay Digital charge a monthly management fee, which can be seen above. You then pay the ad spend fees directly to your chosen advertiser (Facebook, LinkedIn etc). The ad spend depends on the average cost per impression or click to advertise on your chosen demographic/category. Again, we’ll help determine an ad spend budget.

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