Paid social advertising is an important and sustainable method of digital advertising. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s an exciting avenue that can help create and generate new leads/customers through paid advertising. With this avenue, you have a number of popular options (including Facebook) with targeted paid advertising. 

Amay Digital can help your business look at a variety of methods, all of which are specifically attuned to helping you attract new clients, whether you’re advertising to generate leads, attempting to drive more traffic to your website, or just looking to create more brand awareness on Facebook, we help you choose the best method for your business.

Paid advertising gives you the opportunity to target audiences based on your businesses particular requirements. It allows targeting the exact demographic of the audience you want to reach. Facebook also gives you the ability to reach out to people through their personal social media profiles. Its reach is fantastic and gives you the chance to “drill down” to your audience through various pieces of information, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests including hobbies
  • Employment
  • Personal Behaviour on your website or ads in the past
  • Connections

This allows you to build comprehensive audience lists on Facebook and create more targeted ads for your selected audiences. Digital marketing has evolved through paid social advertising,giving you the opportunity to go directly to your market audience and hence gives you a better chance of achieving the results that you require.

At Amay Digital we’ll work closely with you, helping you better understand the type of demographic your advertising should be aiming to reach. We’ll work to either create a single audience or multiple audiences to suit the requirements of your business.

This audience targeting is reflected in the same way on Instagram,   where it is managed through the Facebook Business manager software. LinkedIn has its own platform, however, you can target your selected audience in a very similar way. The targeting elements on LinkedIn include:

  • Locations
  • Company Connections
  • Company Information
  • Company Size
  • Company Industry
  • Member Age
  • Member Location
  • Member Gender
  • Fields of study
  • Job Title
  • Member Groups
  • Member Interests

In similar ways, you are able to build your audiences for LinkedIn, targeting and getting your advert out to your target market. Targeting ads through LinkedIn allows you to do this and gives you a better opportunity to do so.

Stats show that companies gain better stats through paid social advertising than through organic posting. There is a better return on investment and more chance of success through this channel.

Amay Digital has a fantastic track record of working with clients to get better digital results through paid social marketing. Using techniques such as lead generation, advertising for their brand or just simply trying to help gain them new followers. 

These various techniques are worked through with you, the client, helping you understand which route is most beneficial for your business. We have helped use social across multiple industries, from recruitment to the steel industry, to furniture products our client’s success with paid social marketing speaks for itself.

Get in touch with Amay Digital, we specialise in paid social advertising. Whether its Facebook or LinkedIn, we are trusted to gain the results you need from your paid advertising campaign.