Discover why choosing a digital marketing agency in Birmingham makes smart business sense, both financially and creatively.

Regarded as the second biggest city in the UK, Birmingham is fast becoming a creative hub for professionals and businesses.

For years, it’s been known as the UK’s ‘second city’. But the increase in population, property development and opportunities has got people calling Birmingham the ‘new London.’

If that isn’t enough to convince you that Birmingham’s digital marking agencies (in particular Amay Digital) are the best and only option, the rest of this blog certainly will.

Birmingham: The epicentre of digital marketing

Birmingham’s development has given the city the recognition that it deserves. With the transformation of New Street into Grand Central and with fresh retail shops, coffee spots and buzzing bars, Birmingham is the place to be right now.

The improved transport systems, increased employment rates and diversity have pushed its innovation to a new level.

The growing and thriving metropolitan city’s creative hotspots are continually emerging and developing, and there is an increased demand for what they have to offer.

In 2015, Birmingham was recognised as one of the most investable cities in the UK, with companies from across the globe showing interest in the growing city. It is the new investment hotspot for business.

Recognised businesses, including BBC Three, have moved to Birmingham. They believe Birmingham’s ‘incredible diversity’ will help to innovate the company and reflect the changing face of Britain.

Not only are big businesses moving to Birmingham for its incredible creativity, but the city is constantly drawing in new talent with exciting projects, including the launch of a new apprenticeship academy, The&Academy.

The apprenticeship academy, launched by London-based company The&Partnership, aims to hire the next generation of talent in the media and creative industries. The&Acadamy is bringing sectors like advertising, marketing, and digital creative, to life with a young and fresh touch.

Birmingham has a distinctive heritage of creativity, innovation and hard work. It’s for these very reasons that investing in a digital marketing agency from the West Midlands makes complete sense.

Why are digital marketing agencies in Birmingham top-notch?

If you don’t know the people of Birmingham, get to know them.

We are tech-savvy and inventive individuals who have brought the smart to the city. 

Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be supporting agencies that choose to work outside the country’s capital city. 

The start-up to population ratio of Birmingham is better than that of London, and it has some pretty big businesses under its belt, like Lloyds Bank and Cadbury’s. 

The affordability, new developments and talent base are what make digital marketing agencies in Birmingham highly reliable and attractive to potential clients. 

The impeccable local knowledge of Birmingham digital marketing agencies is great for SEO and reaching the correct audiences. A quality agency can ensure your content goes in front of the right people.

Birmingham’s profile has been on the rise for quite some time, boasting some of the best talent and developments across the United Kingdom.

For example, the high-speed railway line, HS2, is due for completion in 2031, making London only 49 minutes away. This is catching the eyes of various notable investors up and down the country. 

The West Midlands was also the first large-scale 5G testing area, paving the way for the roll-out of the network that we all use and rely upon today in the digital world. 

The constant major investments going into Birmingham are increasing its opportunities and competition. The city is the ultimate up-and-coming area for business, which is rapidly and constantly drawing in talent, investors, and new development projects. 

This exciting evolution leads to the emergence of better creative talent and more specialised agencies, which is great news for your business.

The different channels digital marketing agencies in Birmingham offer

Due to the city’s growing economy and creative talent, the list of digital marketing agencies in Birmingham isn’t short.

The digitally driven city has digital marketing services that can take your company from one level to the next.

But what is it exactly that Birmingham digital agencies offer? To give you an idea, here’s a standard list of services available through your trusted local agencies:

The list of services is extensive and varies depending on the Birmingham agency.  

What Birmingham digital marketing agencies offer vs London agencies

Not only is Birmingham a beautiful city, but it comes with heaps of benefits that the Capital City of the UK doesn’t provide.

Ultimately, there are cheaper rates here in Birmingham. With the cost-of-living crisis being very prominent, the rates in the West Midlands are much more affordable and accessible to local, smaller businesses.

If your business is local to Birmingham and the West Midlands, SEO and PPC are other factors to consider. As we mentioned earlier, a resident Birmingham digital marketing agency will know the area like the back of their hand. They can tailor audiences and content to create highly targeted campaigns.

A PPC and SEO specialist will be aligned with local news too. In having this kind of knowledge, they can listen to cultural changes and the general mood to keep your campaigns relevant to the local audience.

Remember, you don’t always need to compete nationally for key search terms. Sometimes it pays to be a big fish in a small pond, especially if you’re operating in a highly competitive market.

The average Birmingham digital marketing agency pricing

There’s no set cost for an agency in the UK, making it hard to know what to expect. However, as a rough indicator, the average cost of marketing services in the UK is as follows:

  • SEO – £394.75 per day, £901.50 monthly retainer and £1556.25 per project.
  • Organic social media – £650 per day, £1,120 monthly retainer and £400 per campaign.
  • Paid social media –£430 per day, £587.50 monthly retainer and £266 per campaign.
  • Content marketing –£725 per day, £817.90 monthly retainer and £325 per post.
  • PPC – £725 per day, £1040.90 monthly retainer and £1016.60 per project/campaign.
  • Website build – £5452.30

(Monthly retainer is the equivalent of an average of 1-3 days of work per month on a long-term, ongoing basis.)

The good news is that you will find many Birmingham agencies that are a lot cheaper. 

For example, at Amay Digital, we offer SEO starting from £199 a month and a starter package for PPC services from £249 a month. 

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