There are many quality PPC agencies and PPC consultants in Birmingham, but which should you choose? Discover the pros and cons.

With pay-per-click (PPC) providing a 200% ROI on average, it’s no wonder why you’re considering acquiring the support of a specialist.

However, deciding between the services of a PPC agency or consultant in Birmingham is no cakewalk. There are several factors you need to consider. It only takes one bad choice to tarnish the impact of your ads and burn a hole in your pocket.

Read on to discover the notable differences between a PPC agency and a PPC consultant, plus the key benefits of both.

What Is a PPC Consultant?

A PPC (pay-per-click) consultant is defined as a specialist in PPC advertising, displaying expert knowledge and experience in planning paid advertising campaigns. You should expect your PPC consultant to show expertise across all aspects of paid advertising, including:

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Analysis

From initial campaign idea to creation, launch and performance analysis, your PPC consultant should consult you on all matters with clarity and expected results.

Unlike a PPC agency or freelancer, a PPC consultant provides advice and guidance without performing further services such as management or content creation.

For example, your Birmingham healthcare brand can approach a PPC consultant and consult on what PPC you intend for your business. They will then provide you with a plan and strategy for each stage of a PPC campaign for you and your team to implement.

Essentially, PPC consultants can provide PPC audits and conduct a comprehensive diagnosis before outlining a strategy for your business to implement.

What Is a PPC Agency?

On the other hand, a PPC agency consists of a team of PPC professionals that provide the necessary consultant duties and PPC services, so you don’t have to.

The PPC services you can expect to receive from an agency include:

Due to the size of an agency providing a larger dedicated workforce to perform PPC tasks, agencies can manage multiple PPC campaigns, displaying superior combined industry experience.

For example, as a healthcare brand based in Birmingham, a PPC agency with specialist knowledge of your sector can navigate the market with experience in implementing high-performing PPC campaigns for other healthcare brands. 

With an average paid search conversion rate of 5%, PPC agencies can enhance your healthcare business, attracting new patients to your services and products.

What are the Benefits of a PPC Agency and a PPC Consultant?

The Benefits of a PPC Consultant

Deciding between a PPC agency and a consultant in your local Birmingham area is easier when you understand the advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Specialist Strategist 

The specialism of a consultant is their ability to provide high-performing strategies and PPC diagnoses. After all, successful PPC campaigns require a proper plan in place.

  • Single Port of Call

Sometimes it can feel easier dealing with one individual. Communication can feel more cohesive, and you can gain a trustworthy professional relationship.

  • Cohesive Multi-Platform Approach

An experienced PPC consultant can integrate and execute across multiple channels, including social media platforms and search engines.

  • Cost-Effective 

A consultant only gives advice and doesn’t perform all PPC services, so you will only pay for the advice and guidance. However, compare prices with a PPC agency before you invest, as this doesn’t necessarily make them cheaper than an agency.

PPC Consultant Cons

Despite the expertise associated with a PPC consultant, they do inhabit some disadvantages compared to a PPC agency:

  1. Strategy-Only Service 

Most PPC consultants in Birmingham only perform strategising services. This approach might work when you have a team of professional marketers behind you. But if you lack the time and resources to implement the strategy, then a consultant only offers a plan and no performance of further PPC services.

  • Higher Costs Per Hour

Depending on the expertise of the PPC consultant, some professionals can cost more by the hour than a PPC agency.

  • Solo Operation

Consultants work solo, so interruptions and disruptions will affect the PPC planning and analysis more than an agency.  

The Benefits of a PPC Agency

Hiring a PPC agency comes with an array of positives for your business:

  1. You Inherit a Workforce 

A PPC agency provides a full workforce of marketing professionals. For this reason, hiring a PPC agency can prove more cost-effective than a single consultant.

  • Agency Experience

Due to the size of a PPC agency, more PPC projects are being processed and delivered daily. Agencies scale value regularly to deliver consistent results.

  • Multiple Channel Capacity

Not only can a PPC agency plan your PPC campaigns across multiple channels but can implement them simultaneously.

  • More Resources and Services

A PPC agency has more resources to perform more PPC services. Essentially, with an agency, you’re investing in consultant expertise supported by a full range of PPC services.

PPC Agency Cons

Despite the resources and potential, there are some disadvantages to working with a PPC agency in Birmingham:

  1. Longer-Term Commitments

To utilise the resources and workforce available, agencies may attempt to establish a long-term PPC strategy. Depending on your business goals, you may only want short-term results.

  • Less Control

The PPC agency will decide who performs the PPC services from within their team. Despite them picking the best person for the job, this decision remains out of your control.

Do I Need a PPC Agency or Consultant in Birmingham?

Deciding between a PPC agency or consultant depends on the resources and workforce available to your Birmingham business.

For example, if you have the staff and some PPC pedigree ready to implement a strategy or require a quick audit and diagnosis to see what PPC strategy you should establish, then perhaps hire a consultant. 

However, if you want to invest in a complete PPC package, including strategy, design, implementation, and performance analysis, then hire a PPC agency. 

At Amay Digital, we provide the best of both worlds. Our PPC services include:

  • Search – Target potential customers with a high level of purchase intent. 
  • Display Ads – Use branded graphics to appeal to your target audience. 
  • Remarketing – Reconnect users who’ve visited your website. 
  • Google Shopping – Use shopping campaigns to promote your brand to online buyers. 

As a leading PPC agency and consultant in Birmingham, we’ve helped many businesses and healthcare brands generate a substantial ROI.

Get in touch today to learn more about our PPC packages.